Client Services

Courtroom Transcription

Non-appeal and Appeal transcript orders must be placed on separate order forms.

Transcript orders for non-appealed cases must be ordered on form, AO 435. This is applicable to any district, magistrate, or bankruptcy case unless the case involves a Criminal Justice Act litigant. Complete items 1 through 19.

Transcript orders for cases that have been appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit must be ordered on an Appeal Transcript Order Form, DKT 13 (This form can be attained by calling 713.250.5499. It will be mailed to you.). Complete only Part “A” of the form. You must distribute the sections of the form as indicated at the bottom of each page – be sure to forward the pink, blue, and green pages to the Office of the Clerk (see address below).

Transcripts ordered for Criminal Justice Act litigants must be ordered on Authorization and Voucher for Payment of Transcripts Form, CJA 24. Orders for Criminal Justice Act litigants appealing to the Fifth Circuit would require both the DKT 13 and CJA 24.

For cases heard in the Southern District of Texas, these forms are available at the following address:

U.S. District Court
Office of the Clerk
515 Rusk, Room 5380
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 250-5500

Miscellaneous Transcription

For those clients not requiring courtroom transcription, we also offer other types of services. JTT has a history of providing transcription of various types of media from recorded conversations, interviews, documentaries, meetings and conferences, undercover recordings, mediation, and insurance statements. No job is too small or too large. When quick turnaround is a priority, JTT is there to offer expedient service to assist you with your projects. And because you need your job right away, JTT is able to provide your transcripts in a timely manner via email, FTP, courier, and overnight delivery.

JTT is reliable, trustworthy, confidential, and experienced. Let us put that experience to work for you. We provide the highest quality transcription at the lowest cost. We have the ability to provide transcription from various audio and video formats. Call us (281.277.5325) or email us with your inquiries.

A transcript order is not complete until financial arrangements have been made with JTT. The ordering party is fully responsible for any monies due for transcripts. Failure to make the proper financial arrangements will result in a delay of the delivery.

JTT wants to be your transcription company!