About JTT

Judicial Transcribers of Texas, Inc. (JTT) was founded in 1989. The company employs a full staff of transcriptionists and proofreaders. Our expertise is diverse and includes backgrounds in such areas as legal, medical, technical, statistical, real estate, oil and gas, and financial. JTT has received approval from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts to transcribe electronically recorded court proceedings from all federal courts nationwide. In addition, our transcriptionists are certified through AAERT (American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers).

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Client Testimonials

“…[W]e have been using JTT for years and have always had excellent, courteous and impeccable service… ”

– Eileen Leahy, Legal Assistant – Andrews & Kurth LLP

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What JTT Offers

– Impeccable Service

– Years of Experience

– Online Payment

– Confidentiality & Reliability

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